Onsite wood metal glass

Wood, metal, and glass on-site

We produce the wood materials we use on projects in-house, so we have the freedom to create remarkable wood elements from scratch. In 2015, after years of being told “that can’t be done,” we created our own metal shop so that we could produce the metal details our projects required. We’ve also been quite invested in glass, and we have patented our own proprietary glass fastening system — also housed on-site at our Holmesville, Ohio location.

Our roots

Early on at Heartland Stairways, we were skilled wood workers with limited circular stairway experience. This created many initial challenges but in the long run, it greatly enhanced the quality of Heartland’s stairways because there were no preconceived notions about methods of constructing circular stairways. This caused us to think outside the box and research age-old methods of joinery which are seldom used in today’s production oriented shops. We have evolved our planning and manufacturing process to meld the best of the old traditional world along with utilizing some practices only achievable with modern technology.
Highly skilled craftsmen


Along the way we realized the most important asset of Heartland Stairways is our location in Holmes County, Ohio. This gave us a great advantage in that our stair builders are highly skilled craftsmen from the local Amish community which is known worldwide for superior wood workmanship. Heartland Stairways also decided to embrace modern technologies such Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to provide more advanced and accurate design and production capabilities. We found this union of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology provides the finest quality stairway available anywhere.

Making your dream stairs a reality

1. Discover

Send us available drawings, inspiration photos, floor plans, or other documents to help us understand what you want.


2. Quote

Once we understand the specific requirements, logistics, and timeline of your project, we will send a preliminary budget.

3. Design

After a small deposit, we’ll perform a site visit to take measurements and begin the design process, where you work directly with your stair designer.

4. Execute

We manufacture your stairs and use an enclosed trailer to deliver your stairs onsite. Our turnkey installation service gives you the peace of mind that the job will be done right.